VPS Reseller plans from Bigpowerhosting allows clients to gain access to multiple VPS containers through a single monthly plan. The VPS Reseller pools are an ideal option to be used as development sandboxes, content delivery networks (CDN) and remote monitoring solutions. Clients at Bigpowerhosting can setup any number of VPS containers based on the plan options and commission resources at ease in any desired geographic location.

Package CPU RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth IP addresses Price  
Small vps reseller planPerfect vps hosting plan for beginners Intel 1650v4 or better 1GB 50GB SSD 2TB Bandwidth 1GPBS PORT 2 ipv4 30 ipv6 $7.49/month Order Now
medium vps resellerReliable low-cost vps reseller plan Intel 1650v4 or better 2GB 100GB SSD 3TB Bandwidth 1GBPS PORT 3 ipv4 60 ipv6 $11.49/month Order Now
Big vps resellerAdvanced vps reseller package Intel 1650v4 or better 4GB 200 GB SSD 5TB Bandwidth 1GPS PORT 5 ipv4 100 ipv6 $15.49/month Order Now
Bigpower vps resellerProfessional vps reseller plan Intel 1650v4 or better 6GB 300 GB SSD 7TB Bandwidth 1GBPS PORT 8 ipv4 200 ipv6 $18.49/month Order Now

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Our datacenter

All of our servers are located in a large, well-known datacenters in Los Angeles,New York and Miami, USA. Our facility is monitored 24/7 to ensure the security and reliability of our network



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